•Announcing Wellesley Studio Tour 2014


A few of my artist friends and I opening our home studios next week, Saturday, May 10th, from 10am-5pm to meet, chat, sell, socialize and share our work with you.  If you are local and able to make it, we would LOVE to see you.  All are welcome and details can be found here- http://wellesleystudiotour.wordpress.com/


I have so much new work to share and am SO excited!!!!


•Cultivating 2014


The word I chose at the beginning of 2014 to set the stage of intention for this year is ‘cultivate’.  Cultivate means to grow, nurture and manifest- all so fitting for the new ventures I am tackling with great joy and enthusiasm this year.  Specifically, the continued development of my painting practice, the embracing and expanding of my art business, and the design and build of a major addition to our home.

Since January, I have have been involved in 3 online painting classes that have given me access to new tools, techniques, and virtual communities. A lot of cultivating has been going on over here!  I must admit, like many creative people, I am not a natural salesperson or entrepreneur.  However, armed with an undeniable passion for painting, and a deep desire to share it with others, I am finally excited about building a real business around my artwork.

Many hours have been spent at various local professional printers working out the specifics around how to get the best digital capture of my paintings, and then how best to print them.  I am a very picky about the quality of my reproductions, and cannot wait to be able to offer affordable prints of my work to you very soon.

One of the biggest surprises for me has been my obsession (at least I admit it) with the social media platform, ‘Instagram’.  For those of you not familiar with IG, it is image-centric and therefore great eye candy! It also makes it very easy to find and connect with people you don’t even know but share common interest with or are simply fascinated by.  For me, I discovered an ever expanding tribe of fellow artists and art lovers who continually feed my creative soul and provide inspiration daily.  You can find me on Instagram as carolynmackin of course, I would love to connect with you there:)  Please note, in order to make use of its full functionality, access it from your smart phone.

In progress painting, 48" x 36".

In progress painting, 48″ x 36″.

Finally, I have been making a lot of new work!  I am opening up my home studio to all on Saturday, May 10th, 2014.  I am SO excited about this.  A few artist friends in town are participating in our first ever ‘Wellesley Studio Tour’.  Check out our Blog for more info!

•Painting in Layers

Believe it or not, the below slideshow is the progress of 1 painting– Illuminated Passages-1.  Yes, that is right, it takes many layers to make one of my paintings.

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The only painting that currently exists is the final rendition, labeled layer 11.  I must admit, I probably neglected to photograph some layers, so there may have been closer to 15 layers in all, but you get the idea.  So the way it works is that I paint a layer, allow it to dry, then paint another layer on top.  I never fully cover the previous layer, and often use transparent liquid acrylic which allows you to see what was below while changing the color on top.

While this process is not quite as forgiving as working with layers in Photoshop, it has a very experimental quality that offers infinite possibilities.  As much as I would love to say, delete a particularly ugly layer, or go back to a certain gorgeous one, the process of painting is just like life.  You have to keep moving forward, taking the beauty and the grit, and make the most out of it.  Each layer informs the next, and while you may not see any parts of the first few layers in the final painting, they form the building blocks of the painting.

I just adore creating in this manner.  It is freeing to know that I can completely transform a painting with a single layer of paint, and I never know what it is going to look like when I begin. Check out the images below to see each layer close up.

•Window Display

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I am pleased to share the three paintings that are currently on display in my home town of Wellesley, MA.  If you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact my directly.  I also accept commissions.  I would love to hear what you think!

Here is some press the show has received-



Click the below images to see my paintings up close.