Carolyn Mackin




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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Congratulations, Carolyn! So glad you are following your passion to paint and share with others. Joyful happiness in your new home studio!!!! Sorry I never responded to your birthday in February which is very close to mine. Karen

  2. Checked out your blog through Flora. Took her courses as well. Love your work and wish you much joy and hope I win one of your lovely paintings. Glad to meet you here. Irene Eaves
    You can find me on Facebook as well. We could connect there. Looking forward to following you. I did some paintings with swinging ceiling lights as well. Yours are very cool.

    • Hi Janet,

      What a wonderful compliment- thank you! I have plans to teach painting workshops, however, my home and studio are under construction right now. I plan to have some really special workshops in my beautiful new studio in the new year:) Please sign up for my newsletter, and/or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest updates.

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