•Creating in Europe

Sea Bass and Limoncello, 2014 Original acrylic and oil pastel painting on paper, 16″ x 12″, $150.

I recently went on a 1 week holiday to Germany and Austria with my husband.  (It was my gift for my 40th birthday!).  I could not stand the idea of not being creative while I was gone, so I came up with a system that worked very well for me.  Here is what I did.

First, before I left home, I bought a notepad of 12 x 16″ paper made by Canson specifically for acrylic painting.  I then spent one evening painting what I will call a ‘base layer’ for each piece.  These paintings were just one layer and quick and spontaneous.

I then placed the dried ‘base layer’ paintings back into the notepad and slipped it into the laptop pouch of my Think Tank camera bag/backpack.  The 12 x 16″ pad just fits!

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I then used my oil pastels and paint markers to add detail every chance I got.  I created on airplanes, on trains, and even back in my hotel rooms.

I could not be happier with the results.  This method was simple and easy, and allowed me to immediately respond to the beauty and inspiration all around me as I experienced Germany and Austria for the first time.  It was so interesting how my journey manifested in my paintings.  ‘Sea Bass and Limoncello’ was created after an extraordinary dinner at an Italian restaurant in Munich, ‘Royal Crown and Castle Tour’ after touring a castle in Germany (the silver detail in the center looks like a crown to me), and ‘Vienna’s Architecture and Gardens’ came after walking through the magnificent and dramatic center of Vienna, called the Ring.  It is a joy to work intuitively, and to see my adventures reflected in these 10 works on paper.


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