•Neutral to Vibrant

I have learned many lessons in my almost 40 years.  One of the most important is that my life is harmonious when I remain flexible, and not so rigid in outcomes.  It is not to say that I no longer make goals for myself, because that is not true at all, but that I am more adaptable with the journey, and less upset by the results as I may have been in my younger, more controlling years.

The beginnings of my neutral painting.

The beginnings of my neutral painting.

I have noticed that this lesson also applies to the creative process.  With this painting, I set out to create a neutral color palate.  While this was not very specific or demanding, I applied about 6-8 layers (sorry I did not take pics of the entire development of this one) and then felt like I had hit a wall.  The painting seemed lifeless, and needed something else…

Neutral painting a few layers in.

Neutral painting a few layers in.

So I opened myself up to new possibilities.  There was no real reason that I had to end up with a neutral painting.  It was an interesting place to start from, but it is important to recognize that keeping your options open will make life and the creative process more joyful.

One evening, I felt compelled to put a hot fuchsia all over the piece. Wow- was that exciting.  I let my intuition lead me without fear or hesitation.  I went for it.  The painting took on an entirely new direction.

Done! The final painting.

Done! The final painting.


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