•Celebration paintings

Celebration_3upI finally have some new paintings to share with you.  I am so happy because these three small one foot square paintings were begun sometime last fall, and they just never seemed to go anywhere.  I applied layer after layer and nothing seemed to resonate or feel right. So I did what any smart artist does, I put them aside and forgot about them.

Celebration-1And I got distracted.  Most recently by summer vacation and lots of photography work thanks to my brother:)  So, when my old college friend Kim asked me to donate a piece to benefit Watertown’s Arsenal Center for the Arts, I stared taking inventory and rediscovered these old canvases looking for some beauty.

Celebration-2The images that emerged are so fun and playful and full of beachy summer colors- I just had to call them ‘Celebration’.  I too have also emerged from the first year without my dad in his physical form.  This triptych feels like the celebratory quest I hope my dad is experiencing in the afterlife.

Celebration-3It seems so fitting to donate this piece to the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA because that is where my dad is from, and where our family lumber yard resides.  It is a place that will always remind me of him.

Celebration-2_angle Celebration-1_angle Celebration-3_angle


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