•Wellness and Friendship

On May 19th, a fabulous group of women, including my sister, several friends, and my college buddy who was 39 weeks pregnant met at LeMeridian Hotel in Cambridge, MA for an amazing day of fitness and pampering at the Wellness by the Water retreat.

Naama, Heather, Christine, Carolyn, Stacy, and Crystalle

Naama, Heather, Christine, Carolyn, Stacy, and Crystalle

Can you tell which one is my sister?  If not, we are the 2 in the middle wearing the white jackets.  We had on almost identical outfits (not planned) which was hilarious, as people seem to mistake us for one another a lot in recent years,  though I am 6 years her senior:)  Last time I attended a WBTW retreat I went solo, but this time was so great to share with people I love.

Elyse and Carolyn

Elyse and Carolyn

Elyse is such a trooper to come out at 39 weeks pregnant to get in some health and wellness!

Bootcamp partnering

Bootcamp partnering

We started the day with bootcamp, and I was so impressed with how the instructor, Celeste, kept such a positive and fun vibe in the room (as well as a huge grin upon her face) throughout the challenging workout.   Below is a cute pic of Celeste (right) with Kendall (left), the fabulous creators of WBTW.

Kendall and Celeste

Kendall and Celeste

What was different this time, in comparison to the January retreat, was the steep increase in intensity, variety, and length of the workouts.  During the first couple of hours, I went from bootcamp to bar sculpt to tai chi to pilates.  Wow- was I sore the next day!

Tai Chi with Julio Salado

Tai Chi with Julio Salado

Julio Salado was fantastic at breaking down the subtle movements of tai chi and getting us outside to enjoy the beautiful day and courtyard.

We were rewarded with a playful photo shoot just before the lunch break!


Silly sisters!

And then a nice lunch.

Lunch!  So deserved:)

Lunch! So deserved:)

And then we had an afternoon of education and pampering.  Each session was 20 minutes, and mine went like this.  Skin health (how did I not know about physical SPF before?), massage (oh yeah!), acupuncture (so relaxing), crossfit (what? – OMG more exercise!!!), financial (skipped out on this one as I already have a financial planner), and organizing (always needed).

Girls at Lunch

Again, we ended the day with yoga, which I really should make a habit of. One of the best parts of the entire experience was spending quality time with fabulous women.  I hope to do it again soon!


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