•Wellness in the new year

So we all strive to live our best lives, and the beginning of a new year tends to inspire and demand a fresh start.  While I have not made any resolutions, I have already started the new year with some new habits and experiences.

Carolyn_yogaFirst, my husband Mike and I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Essentially, an Australian business man decides that his 300+lb body is not working for him, and that he needs to make some dramatic changes in order to get healthy again.  He accomplishes this by coming to the US and doing a 60 day fruit and vegetable juice cleanse.  The movie motivated Mike, my husband, to run out to the closest Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy a Breville juicer.

Carolyn_yoga_ddI have juiced everyday for the past 3 weeks, and boy do I feel good!  My energy is outstanding!!!  I feel clear headed and vibrate with positive energy.  People are commenting on my glowing skin and energy.  I cannot believe the difference in how I feel.  I am totally addicted.

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I also recently attended the Wellness by the Water retreat at the Lenox Hotel in Boston and what a treat it was!  It was such a special day for many reasons.  I met some wonderful women (around 60 attended) who made me feel very welcome despite the fact that I went by myself.

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The day began with a boot camp class with Celeste (My Trainer Celeste) followed by an all levels yoga class with Kendall.   What a fabulous experience taking back to back classes with 2 talented girls, in a gorgeous room at the Lenox Hotel in Boston.  Can you even believe that stunning ceiling?

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After the morning activities, we were ready for some lunch.  Included in the fee for the day was a fabulous and healthy arugula salad and salmon entree- delicious!  While we ate, Kendall gave an interesting talk on the Eight Causes of Cravings.  She also passed along a recipe for Almond Butter Congo Bars that I cannot wait to try.

Carolyn_Jennifer_Astro_readingThen we then had an afternoon of pampering and learning- it was truly special.  So we each had a mix of 4 different activities scheduled at 30 minute intervals, as well as a room filled with venders selling everything from jewelry to pajamas and life coaching.  My afternoon began with an Astro Therapy reading with Jennifer Forchelli.  It was such a cool experience, as her approach is very unique.  Check out her website, as she does a great job introducing herself in her video.  Here is Jennifer with my new friend Erin, from Creative Soul in Motion, getting a reading.Jennifer_Erin_Astro_reading

Next I went to a heart therapy and then a stylist session.  Finally, I got a massage.  Now, I  have to admit that my expectations were low, as I am very picky about my massages.  I was somewhat surprised when I walked into the room to find a thin mat on the floor, rather than a massage table.  Sarah was offering Thai massage.  Now I spent a month backpacking in Thailand in 2001 and got massages often because they were only $3.00/hour! But Sarah was unbelievable.  I mean I felt like the experience was transformative!  She is that amazing!Thai_massage_Sarah_BodyWaves_Boston

And if you have never tried Thai massage before, it differs greatly from other types of massage.  You are fully clothed and lie on a thin mattress on the floor.  I liken it to ‘passive yoga’, because your body is stretched, turned, kneaded and bent which allow the practitioner to really get into those super tight areas.  If you enjoy yoga, stretching, or deep tissue massage, then you will like a good Thai massage.  If you live in the Boston area, you MUST go see Sarah at Bodywaves on Hanover St. in Boston.  I also spoke to many other women who received massages- and they were all raving about the experience.  So run over to Bodywaves and check them out- their intro prices are so low!Thai_massage_Sarah_BodyWaves_Boston_2

If you are interested, the next Wellness by the Water retreat is on Sunday, May 19th.  Sign up now to get the early bird pricing.

SignsSo, my new year is off to a good start, don’t you think?


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