•Yoga Retreat in Boston


I began practicing yoga upon moving to San Francisco in 1997.  In high school I ran track (hurdles) and enjoyed stretching before and after my runs so much, it was inevitable that I discover and become passionate about a practice that focuses on stretching the body. Of course yoga is so much more than that.


It is primarily about control of breath- breathe through tough poses (do not hold your breathe) and inhale and exhale continuously, deeply.  What happens over time is that you train your mind and body to relax, even when you are being challenged to your edge.  I believe that one is truly practicing yoga when they can use those lessons to cope with the stresses of daily life.


I also love serendipity, especially when it comes to making new friends.  I recently received a text from my dear friend from high school, Megan Pesce, inviting me to a trunk party in my town.  Megan is the very talented interior designer behind MK Designs and Events as well as co-owner of a fabulous reclaimed sailcloth home decor line.  At the trunk show, she introduced me to Kendall from On an Inhale Yoga and Nutrition, fellow yogi and gluten free girl.  We connected immediately, and she told me about a retreat she was organizing at the Lenox Hotel in Boston.

AUS-Luna Park2

So, it is with great excitement that I look forward to an entire day devoted to yoga, wellness, and meeting like minded individuals at the Wellness by the Water Retreat in Boston this Sunday, January 13th. It is a day of fitness, education, spa services, and relaxation all rolled into one!  I cannot tell you what a treat it is to have an entire day to focus on myself.  I have been desiring a mini get away, especially after a hectic holiday season crescendoed into a terrible cold/sinus infection that kept me from enjoying the holidays with my family:(

AUS-Luna Park1

Although yoga has been such an important and consistent part of my life for 15 years, I do not actually have any pictures to prove it.  It is crazy to me, as a photographer, that none exist.  I promise to get some good shots this weekend of the entire event, and will share my experience with you.  Namaste.


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