•Sangha Social Event

I have been busy in my studio preparing for a one night event held last Wednesday evening at Yogaspot in Wellesley, MA, where I practice regularly.  There is nothing like a deadline for motivating me to finish up some new work. It was so much fun- thanks to the many great friends who came out to support me!

Carolyn with ‘The Search for Glory’ painting at Yogaspot Sangha Social event.

I learned a very import lesson about documenting events for my blog- do it!  Although I had the best of intentions, I got swept up in the thrill of socializing, and forgot to take more pictures.  I wish that I had more pictures of the paintings hanging so beautifully in the studio, and of the wonderful friends that came out to support me.  Next time- I promise!

My husband surprised me and brought my kids along for a few minutes (it was an evening event and past their bedtime).  Here is a blurry pic of the fam- Mike, Jase, Kyle and me.

My supportive husband Mike, and two boys Jase and Kyle with me at the Yogaspot event.


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