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Fluid Adventure, 2012

Though I am creating from an intuitive space, and not planning any of my painting in any sort of way, I am beginning to see reoccurring themes and patterns emerge.  This particular piece reminds me of the way we move in rushing river water- this particular ride is fast and thrilling.  Much of my work is about a journey of sorts, it may be a psychological or spiritual journey, or one that pushes you physically.

Fluid Adventure, 2012
Original acrylic painting on canvas, 30” x 24”, $850

One Soul’s Journey

On August 8th, 2012, my dear father passed away from a short battle with leukemia.  It has been devastating, but in some ways has bridged the gap with the spirit world for me.  I imagine my father watching down on me and my family, still taking care of us as he did when he was physically present.  I feel his presence with me at times, and it gives me great comfort. I also believe that the soul continues to grow and evolve after life here on earth, and that we go on another type of journey in the spirit realm.

The Search for Glory, 2012

One Soul’s Journey, 2012
Original acrylic painting on canvas, 30” x 40”, $1400.

While here on earth, we should be constantly evolving, if we are open to change and continued growth.  Every time I get on my yoga mat, begin a new painting, or introduce myself to a new person, I see it as an opportunity for discovery.  These activities, even though I have done them countless times throughout my 38 years, always have the potential to be scary or overwhelming.

The Search for Glory, 2012
Original acrylic painting on canvas, 48” x 36”, $1750.

By resolving myself to engage in them frequently, they become more familiar and less frightening.  There are so many days when I do not feel up to a grueling 90 minute yoga class, the painting I am working on is just not ‘working’, or I have no desire to extend myself and force a smile and introduction. But, if I dig in, and push myself to get out of that negative mindset, the rewards are great, and so worth it.


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